Awards of the IAPR

The IAPR Godin Prize for the Scientific Psychology of Religion

The Godin Price iis a scientific prize to be awarded to senior scholars (mid-life award) for their excellence in the scientific study of the psychology of religion. The Godin price will be given every second IAPR conference, that is to say, once in every 4 years. The prize winner is honoured by a finanical reward of 1000 euros, substantial laudatio, and the invitation to present a keynote lecture at the conference.

The origin of the Godin Prize is a gift by Gregory Zilboorg to André Godin who was professor of psychology of religion at the Lumen Vitae Institute in Brussels, on March 15, 1956 in order to develop studies in the psychology of religion. The name of the prize on that moment was the Quinquennial Prize for the Scientific Psychology of Religion. After the death of André Godin on the 2nd of June 1997, the committee decided to change the name of the prize in the Godin Prize. André Godin, as a trained practitioner in psychoanalysis, identified with the fields that became known as Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral care. On account of his interest in Clinical Psychology he was actively engaged in the field of the Psychology of Religion, which he wished to see develop as a scientific discipline in its own right.

Obituary to André Godin by J.M. Jaspard
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Call for Early Career Award 2015
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Till now the Godin Prize has been awarded nine times. The previous recipients of the prize and the works for which they were honored are:

1967 – J.P. Deconchy for "Structure génétique de l’idée de Dieu chez des catholiques français. Garçons et filles de 8 à 16 ans."

1971 – J.M. Jaspard and A. Dumoulin for "Les médiations religieuses dans l’univers de l’enfant."

1976 – L. Rulla, Fr. Imoda and J. Ridick for "Structure psychologique et vocation."

1986 M.J. Lerner for "The belief in a just world. A fundamental delusion."

1991 D. Wulff for "Psychology of religion. Classic and contemporary."

1998 S. Murken for "Gottesbeziehung und psychische Gesundheit. Die Entwicklung eines Modells und seine empirische Überprüfung."

2006 V. Saroglou for the entire body of his research and publications in many areas of personality and social psychology of religion (see: list of publications).

2009 – P. Granqvist for his innovative research in the area of attachment theory (see: list of publications).

2013 - A.B. Cohen has an impressive record of publications almost exclusively on religion, published in top journals of personality, social, cultural, and evolutionary psychology. He is distinguished by the large diversity of topics and subfields he has worked on, the originality of the methodologies applied, the combination of many serious empirical studies with a thoughtful and original each time theorization. His major contribution to the field has been the development of crossreligious comparative, cultural psychologybased research on religion that has now being well inserted into the mainstream fields of social/personality/cultural psychology. More information about Adam can be found here

The IAPR Early Career Award


New is the IAPR Early Career Award for promising junior scholars. It applies to young scholars at the postdoctoral or early career academic level. This award will be given at every IAPR conference. Attached to the award is a financial reward of 1000 EURO.


The first winner of the Early Career Award is Jessie Dezutter from Leuven/Belgium who was awarded at the 2011 IAPR conference in Bari/Italy (see: list of publications).



The second winner of the Early Career Award is Uffe Schjodt from Aarhus University, Denmark who was awarded at the 2012 IAPR conference in Switzerland (see: list of publications)
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The third winner of the Early Career Award is Kristin Laurin from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  More information about her can be found here