The IAPR currently has nearly 215 members (January 2014). All academically trained persons who share the objectives of the Society are invited to join the Association. 

If you want to become a member of the IAPR, please download the membership application form and send it via mail or fax to the general secretary of the Association:

Dr. Tatjana Schnell

Associate Professr

Institute of Psychology

Innsbruck University

Innrain 52

A-  6020 Innsbruck


Fax: ++43 512 507 2853


After the Board has approved your application you will be informed by the general secretary. 

Membership fees are as follows: 

- 55 Euro per year for regular members, 

- 15 Euro per year for students.

Benefits of membership:

, 1 x As a member of the IAPR you become part of the international community psychology of religion. Besides you support the field, Which until now in many countries of the world has no academic platform.

, 2 x As a member of the IAPR you receive the Association's e-mail newsletters, Which Contribute to your staying in touch with the scientific community and inform you on Which the Association's latest Developments and activities.

, 3 x As a member of the IAPR you profit from Reduced conference fees for the organization's conferences.  

, 4 x From 2007 on as a regular member of the IAPR your subscription to the Association's journal, the Archives of Psychology of Religion / Archive for the Psychology for religion , is included in the membership fee Automatically.  

, 5 x As a member of the IAPR you profit from special discounted subscriptions to:

a) x The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion: . $ 43 / £ 26 / € 34 instead of $ 62 / £ 37 / € 49
see For Further Information: Taylor & Francis .

b) x Mental Health, Religion & Culture : $ 80 / £ 48 instead of $ 386 / £ 231st 
For Further Information see: Taylor & Francis .



Options for payment


EU citizens: PLEASE USE

Bank transfer to the IAPR account:

a)International (payments from outside of Germany):

BIC (Bank Identification Code): GENODEF1M05
account number (IBAN): 
DE59 7509 0300 0001 1036 01

b) National (payments within Germany):

BIC (Bank Identification Code): GENODEF1M05

Account Number (IBAN): DE96 7509 0300 0041 1036 01


Account holder: Int. Society for the Psychology of Religion

Institution: LIGA Bank Regensburg

Dr. Theobald Schrems-Strasse 3 

93055 Regensburg



For members from non-EU countries:


Membership Fee
For which year(s)?

For questions, please contact the General Secretary of the IAPR:

IAPR Membership Application Form
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